Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gulp! I Did It!

Yes, that's right. I did it!

Now you might be asking yourself what exactly it is that I did. Well, I just uploaded my scarf pattern to the Raverly database. I'm officially listed as a designer. YIKES!

That makes me kind of nervous. But at the same time it makes me kind of excited since knitting and crocheting and even designing has become a recent passion of mine. I've been thinking about writing down my Ode To South Park knitted hat design and posting it as well. But first I must remember exactly how I made it, which means pulling out the hat and reviewing it. It also means taking more photos because the only photo I have of this hat is very old and not very good.

So, this isn't exactly the post I was going to post today but it certainly took precendce over everything else when I took the plunge. So tomorrow I'll post about what I was going to post today. Now, I'm going back over to Raverly to look at my designer page again.

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