Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Video Entry!

Oh my! I have taken the plunge!  I am trying video. Part of my goals was moving toward a podcast but in order to do that I decided I should take a baby step and try video blogging first. So here I am trying it out.  This is a win because it helps me get comfortable in front of the camera and my blog will no longer sit here neglected.

Sorry about the lighting and video quality. I'm a newbie.  I will try to do better.  Hey, this is a learning and growing experiment right?! Sadly, I uploaded to Podcast Garden, but it looks like that load didn't fully take or something.  (Still a newbie!) However, the RSS Feed does appear to work.  The RSS Feed for the Podcast is here: ThatTessGirl on Podcast Garden . It did work for me when I tried that.  I will continue to try the Podcast upload feature. Until then, I was able to get this uploaded using Blogger's features. I will move toward better production and storage features. Promise.

Whew, with that big long disclaimer, here we go.


Show Notes:

What I'm Knitting:

OMG Heel Socks by Megan Williams. Knitting these in Regia Sock Design Line OMBRE Stripe in the Iceburg colorway.

Kaika by Michelle Hunter Mystery Sock KAL. Knitting these in Regia 4-fadig Mosaik Color.

Metalouse by Stephen West. Knitting in Noro Silk Garden Sock and Cascade 220 Fingering.

Random Knit Chat:

I talk about joining in the In A Sknit Podcast KAL (knit-a-long) for a Baby Cocktails Sweater.  I am considering knitting the Irish Coffee sweater designed by Thea Coleman in some stash yarn.

I very randomly toss in a knit chat about washing my hand knit socks.

If you hung around for the full episode, I thank you! You can find me on Instagram and Raverly as ThatTessGirl.

Thanks again.  I will see how this video blogging goes and post again soon.

RSS Feed for the Podcast is here: ThatTessGirl on Podcast Garden

Friday, January 2, 2015

Now About Those Goals

We all set them right? Goals for ourselves.  I have a few that I'm going to list out here and check back on throughout the year with progress reports.

So here they go!

  1. Exercise at least 3 times a week. I want to start the Couch to 5K plan again but for now I'll settle for exercising 3 times a week. 
  2. Lose weight.  Yes I know this is a horrible goal.  It should be just be healthier, eat healthier but well, there it is in writing.  I want to lose weight.  I want to drop 10 pounds by mid-year and maybe another 10 pounds by year end. Sadly I am that overweight.  That still would not put me at the weight all the charts say for my age and height I should be at but it will put me at a comfortable and I think maintainable weight for me.
  3. Eat wisely and make better food choices.
  4. Take my vitamins.
  1. Finish my WIPs. I have four that have been languishing for awhile. I'll discuss in another post.
  2. Knit socks from my own personal sock club. I've pulled out 9 skeins of sock yarn and plan to choose 6 at random to knit.
  3. I want more shawls.  So I plan to knit more shawls for me.
  4. Start knitting on the blanket squares for the scrape blanket.  I have a basket full of remnants just waiting for me.
  5. Knit more for the family! I want to knit my daughter another sweater and my husband more socks.

  1. This one is easy.  Just spin! A lot! LOL!!


  1. I want to do more crafts and a good bit more sewing. I don't want to be too specific here but a few sewing items I want to try are matching aprons for me and my daughter and more project bags.

Well, I think that about covers it really for specific goals. I'll be sure to check in with progress reports.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be Better

Here we are again at the very beginning of a brand new year.  2014 was a great year.  We did a lot of cool things and shared so much love and laughter.  It was also a time of adjustment and mourning. Without my Dad here I felt that missing piece of myself all the time.  I know I always well.  The pain isn't as sharp but I am always aware. I know he is in Heaven and watching over me and with me all the time and that is what makes me OK.

But like I said, 2014 was still a great year. And I know 2015 will be also.

I have a theme for the new year... Be Better.  A better person, a better knitter, a better crafter, a better friend, in better health.  All those things and more.

So with that theme in mind, here are a few things I am planning for myself for the new year.

Eat healthier. Exercise more. Feel better. No real plan in place for this other than just do it! I'll keep you posted on my progress. I want to lose weight and I think keeping up with these things will be a great start.

In addition to that, I want to be a better knitter.  For Christmas I got some great books that I can't wait to read and dig into.  I know learning more about technique will help be be a better knitter.

This year I was also gifted by my wonderful husband a spinning wheel.  I can't wait to spin more and over the course of the year be a better spinner.  Which I am already well on my way here since before I had the wheel I couldn't spin at all.

Better crafter for me means trying new things.  I want to sew more and there are a few other crafts I want to try.  My daughter loves doing crafts so I want to encourage her in the arts and crafts as well this year.

Doing all these things will make feel better, and if I feel better, I know I'll be a better friend.  Which all this boils down to me being a better person.

Tomorrow I will discuss more details on goals for the year. Until then, have a wonderful New Year's Day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Spinner Is Born

Hi everyone out there in Cyberland.  What a great day it is.

You know, it is always hard for me to write up a blog post. Especially since I have not blogged on a very regular basis in such a long time.  I need to work on remedying that. So my posts won't feel so clumsy when I type them up.  Maybe that will be a goal in the upcoming year.

But today I'm not going to talk about goals though. I've been having fun with my Christmas present from my hubby.  This year he gave me a spinning wheel. Yay!

I've been wanting one and just couldn't see myself investing that much money into a wheel when I knew nothing about spinning. So a while back I did invest in a spindle and some fiber and started spinning on my spindle.

Well, I was out doing some searches one day and found a very affordable beginner spinning wheel.  I forwarded the link to hubby, and what do you know, he gave it to me for Christmas.

It is absolutely gorgeous! It's the BlueBonnet BumbleeBee, from BlueBonnett Spinning Wheels.  A beginner wheel, perfect for a beginner like me.

So I've been practicing with the fiber I haven't spun on the spindle yet.  It will take me awhile to get a good feel for the wheel and what to do and how to get better at spinning but that's fine.  I know this will take me some time to do. But in the meantime I'm having fun with it.  The fiber is Ewephoric Fibers that I purchased way back in the spring when I went to the Carolina FiberFest.

Look at this picture I snapped last night.  it's the fiber spun up on my spindle and the same fiber spun on my new wheel. Not much as far as yardage goes. A thick and thin ratio.  But it will make a lovely accent for something wonderful.  I did purchase some worsted weight, dark blue Berroco Vintage to make hats and gloves or maybe a cowl and I want to use this as an accent to that blue. It'll be great.

Even though I haven't been spinning long, I can already tell that I'm going to love it.  I think it's safe to say, a new spinner is born!

Friday, October 24, 2014

And Sew On

Hi everyone! I hope this has been a great week for all.  I've had a pretty good one myself. There is always so much to do and so little time it seems like.  However, when I reflect back on the week, I feel like I've accomplished a good bit.

I finished one of my works in progress (WIP) and it looks even better than I hoped. Yay!  I also knitted some on my Happy Street shawl this week, which makes me happy as well.  Making progress.

But the thing I think I'm the most excited about is my sewing.  Awhile back, I ran across some Christmas themed fat quarters at Hobby Lobby.  Now, I have to admit, I've acquired some fabric stash over the years.  Not a lot because well, let's face it, I'm not a great sewer. But I do love a nice looking piece of fabric.  So when I came upon the Christmas fabric, I bought it.

That fabric has been in sitting in my fabric bin for almost a year.  Awhile back I made an attempt at sewing some project bags for my knitting projects with "meh" success. They were not awful, but certainly not what I would call good, quality bags.  And I really wanted to sew a nice bag.

So, I after my first attempt at sewing some bags I did what many other in my shoes would have done, I turned to social media.  I jumped on the Pinterest train and starting seeking out project bag patterns.

There were many.  Some more difficult than others. Some just right out of my novice comfort zone.  But all superduper cutearific!

As much as I loved all the bags I saw, the patterns to create those bags seemed a little bit, who am I kidding, a whole lot overwhelming.  Kind of like the first time I looked at a knitting pattern.  So I kind of just put my bags on the back burner again. With all my super cute fabric wasting away.  Which is a pretty sad thought, right?

Luckily, I found fresh mojo when I saw the super cool fabric and images via Instagram that Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls podcast was making for her projects.  I was compelled to follow the link she provided to this super neato tutorial on the In Color Order blog.

After reading through the steps, I hopped right to it.  I already had my precut fat quarters and since I'm in the middle of knitting Christmas goodies and Christmas socks, I decided they needed a perfectly cute Christmas project bag to nestle in.  So I got to work.

As I mentioned, I'm not a good sewer, but I do think there's hope of me becoming a better sewer with practice.  And since I am in love with these project bags, I can see myself practicing a lot in my near future.

This is my first finished bag. It is quite roomy.  I have two one skein projects down in there. I'm loving it.