Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well, It Took Awhile

Well.....  It took me longer to work my way back to the blog than I originally thought. December and the first half of January were an emotional roller coaster rides for me and my family and things just didn't go as planned.  So I'm giving myself a big break on the bloggy thing.

Still, I have been wanting to do more journaling of day to day things and my hobbies and crafts and just life in general. So I will try to post more often.

With that being said.  I have goals I plan to set for myself for 2014.

First - Be more Spiritual. Faith is important to me and I need to spend more time focusing on it.

Second - Spend more time on me.  I hardly ever spend time on me. I need to pamper myself more often.

Third - Enjoy my family time more. It's important to make memories.

Fourth - Be more active. Speaks for itself I think.

Fifth - Be more creative.

Those are kind of general, but still good none the less.