Monday, October 20, 2014

A Year From Stash

When this year started, I told myself that I was going to spend most of the year knitting projects from my yarn stash as opposed to going out and buying more yarn.  In other words, I took stock of the yarn I already owned and then looked for projects that excited me based on that yarn instead of finding a gorgeous pattern and then running out to find the perfect yarn for the project.

By focusing on finding the perfect project for yarn I already owned, I've greatly reduced my stash this year.  I am very proud of myself for doing this.  Now that's not to say I have not bought yarn this year.  But I have bought more wisely and mostly with a specific project in mind.

Another perk to knitting from my stash this year is I have used up a lot of left over and partial skeins. Bonus!

I've actually finished nine projects using stash yarn this year.  One is a pattern design that I'm working on and hope to release soon.  In addition to these nine projects, I have four more WIP's using stash yarn! Whoop-Whoop!

One thing that makes me pretty happy about this whole knitting from stash this year thing is that I actually used my very oldest skein of yarn.

Nummy Bunny was a huge hit with my daughter who now wants me to knit her all the animals. She loves Nummy.

Nummy Bunny is a free pattern from Red Heart Yarn.

Although, I used Cottontots by Bernat in the Dollhouse colorway. You can mix it up and use all kinds of fun colors to knit her up.  She is so lovely and fun.

I can't wait to knit my next stuffy. Who will it be?

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