Friday, October 17, 2014

A Bucket List Thing

Well howdy out there!  I know.  I know. It's been awhile. Again.  Sorry. I will strive for better posting.  In fact, I'm making a date with myself to at least get out a biweekly post.  I have a lot of things to say; so even if I just say them to myself, they will at least get said. Right?

I have been so very busy, and I know that's not a real excuse because everyone is busy.  However, when you get caught up in life, time slips by so fast that you hardly even realize how much time has past since your last post. That's kind of where I am.  It's not that I don't want to post.  It's more like, I think I just posted last week and it was actually months ago. YIKES!

So I am truly sorry.  Like I said, I've actually decided to add a calendar reminder to write blog post. Yes indeed.  I think that will make things much more routine and regular.

Speaking of routine and regular, I also think having a more regular blog posting will push me along in my journey of marking off an item from my Bucket List.  For you see, I have wanted to do a podcast for some time now.  I start making progress towards actually doing one and something always gets in the way.  Well, I think now that I'm actually putting it out there that I want to do this, I will be much more likely to make it happen.  What do you think?

Now, the podcast will be a knitting/craft related podcast.  Because that's where my hobbies lie mostly. Even though I love to cook, and I want to spend more time honing my photography skills. Those might be good topics to keep to this blog.  We'll see how that goes.  In the meantime, I've been batting around a few names for the podcast.  I've looked and I can't see where any of these titles have been taken so that's good.  I just need to decide on one.

Then again, That Tess Girl: Just Chatting it Up, has been a thought as well.  By that I mean I have also thought about turning this blog into a Vlog. So many options to ponder.

However, for now, I am going to post this to the blog so I can say that I have successfully posted a post.

Until next time...

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