Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So Much Goodness

Back in the fall, the hubster and myself went on a long weekend getaway to Blue Ridge, GA.  We had so much fun that we went back the weekend after Thanksgiving and took our daughter with us.  This is such a wonderful town and scenic part of Georgia.  If you haven't been I would highly recommend. There is so much wonderful things to do.

While we were there we visited Mercier Orchards.  What a wonderful place.  On our first visit, I purchased a small jar of Bunch O' Berries Jam.  Well, that didn't last long. Oh my word at how much goodness had been squeezed into that tiny little jar.

So when we went back in November, I thought, yeah, I've got this figured out.  This time I'm getting the big jar!  Well, the big jar did last longer. But sadly not as long as I'd like.  Between me and the Wee One, that stuff was gone fast.

Thankfully, a friend of hubster has family in Blue Ridge and went for a visit.  This kind soul brought me back, count them, three big jars! Oh yeah. That's right!Now we're enjoying this yummy goodness again and this time, maybe, it will last until our next trip to the orchard!

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