Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And There Was Light

Anyone who knows me, knows I love lighthouses. So I was very excited to learn that the St. George Lighthouse had been restored and moved from it's at one time home on Little St. George Island to St. George Island.

It's not one of the tallest lighthouses, but it is quite charming with it's wooden steps that lead up to the light.

Here's a little bit from St. George Light.Org.

Cape St. George Light

The Cape St. George Light was reconstructed at the center of St. George Island after its tragic collapse on October 21, 2005. Remnants of the historic structure were salvaged and volunteers cleaned old mortar off more than 22,000 original bricks which were used in the reconstruction. With extensive community support and public and private funding, the lighthouse was completed in November of 2008. The lighthouse was originally built at the west end of what is now Little St. George Island in 1833, and was rebuilt on Cape St. George in 1848 and 1852.

The little muesum displays photos of the lighthouse just before and after it's collapse. Very sad that it'd fallen into such disrepair. The locals made attempts to save the lighthouse, but without actually moving it, (which is a huge engineering undertaking, just take a look at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.) they couldn't prevent it from falling into the ocean.

However, I must say, they did an amazing job restoring this beauty.

This lighthouse was decommissioned some years ago, but it is still open for visitors. The Keepers house is still in the process of being refurbished so it isn't open yet. But it should be opened soon. If you are in the area, you really can't miss the lighthouse. It's the first thing you see as you arrive on the island.


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