Monday, June 21, 2010

A Liesurely Time

This is a photo taken from the top deck of the beach house we stayed in on vacation. I took this photo one morning, after we'd been there for a few days. I like the relaxed feel of the shot. Unfortunately, I was way too lazy to actually get up early enough to make it for a 'great' sunrise photo. But this one didn't turn out all that terrible.

I'm not sure if I mentioned where we actually went on vacation so I'll rectify that now. We left Sunday June 6th and heading down south to St. George Island near Apalachicola Bay Florida; what has become known as Florida's 'Forgotten Coast'. It is a very nice, quiet, non touristy trapy, location along Florida's Gulf coast. Let me just say that while we were there the beaches were beautiful. No would guess that the experts were predicting that in a few short weeks they would have to close down the beaches because of the BP oil spill. Or that when we left we could see the boats along the bay placing the booms in the water in attempts to protect their shoreline. It is very sad and makes me very angry. But I will not go into that right now. It's not the time.

But the sea turtles were starting their nesting season, which is always awesome, and the dolphins were frolicking in the surf. What a sheer delight. One was so close you could see it doing flips in the surf as a wave would break.

Me and C$ don't usually take trips where we are not on the move constantly. From sun up till sun down moving. So it was nice to spend this week in one location where we could just kick back and not have to be anywhere. And Baby Girl loved it! She had such a fun time playing in the water and the sand. All in all, we had an absolutely wonderful time.

I'll post some more photos soon. But for now, I'm going to call it and wrap this post up.

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