Monday, May 3, 2010

A Quick Update

It's been awhile since I posted so I thought I'd jump right out here and do that. I don't have much time to spare so today will be a quick post and then I'll follow up it up with a longer post later.

First is an update on the eBay auctions. I won two and lost one.

Pity really on the one I lost. It was a steal of deal on that yarn - 10 skeins of Suss Yarn 100% cotton. I could have gotten into a bidding war over it, but I'd decided that I wouldn't. I told myself when I placed my bid, if the price went above that then I wasn't meant to have that yarn and of course it did like I knew it would. Guess I knew when I placed the bid that I didn't really need it, or I would have upped my bid. Because, seriously, that was a steal for that yarn.

The second auction however, I set my price fair and again knew that I would not go over that price. Of course that was the auction someone came in and started bidding against me on. Fortunately, they realized that the price was a fair price once it hit my max bid and did not go any higher. So even though I did not get a steal, I got a gorgeous yarn for a very fair price. Plus the shipping on this auction wasn't crazy high like most auctions are on eBay these days.

Speaking of eBay, is it me, or have sellers gone totally crazy on eBay?!

I mean, honestly, some of the items and prices I see make me stop and think. I've come up with only two solutions. Either these people have gone crazy. Or they really love their junk! It's a very rare thing these days to actually find a bargain.

All right. I have to go folks. Duty calls. Talk to ya!

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